예술인들이여! 무슨 꿈을 꾸고 계신가요? KAF의 다음 꿈은 지구입니다. 흔들어 버립니다!!
Artists! what are you dreaming? KAF dreams of the Earth. Shake it up!

Disney Concert Hall Beethven 9 symphony
UNLV Symphony Orchestra Ukraine Piano Concert
Hollywood Bowl Independent Day Festival on 4th of July

Santa Monica College Symphony Orchestra
Hollywood Paramount Film Festival
US Scheriff Jim McDonnell Chief Security Department
Primavera Opera winning promotion with
Boris Martinovich and Radio Korea
Primavera Opera La Traviata

Opera Primavera winning Promotion of Radio Korea with Boris Martinovich
Opera Primavera winning Promotion from Radio Korea with
Boris Martinovich
Korean Ambassador Consul General Wan Joong Kim
Martin Luther King’s Legacy
Martin Luther King’s Legacy with African President

Opera Madam Butterfly

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